Global Executive Communication Coaching Program

"If being right was enough, WE wouldn't need stories."

Hard facts, insightful data, and action plans are necessary but barely enough to convince anyone. You need emotions to influence people, and stories are the best way to connect with your clients and partners to convey emotions.

During this program, you will learn how to maximize your Impact, inspire your Audience, be an influential Speaker, and tell impactful Stories.

We hear the word impact every day in our fast-growing organizations, in this context, it means driving action in your audience through compelling presentations, persuasive speaking, and emotionally charged narratives.

"One of The best trainings I'VE EVER SEEN"

A 14-year Googler


Talented people empowered to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more inspiring and effective.


Managers, Directors, and VP+ coached through dedicated 1:1 sessions or leadership seminars.

All teams

Dedicated material for all organisations: Sales, Finance, Marketing, Events, People Ops, Data Centers, UX, Engineers, Facilities, Legal, etc.

"A well-thought-out, researched and experienced walk through challenging and changing the status quo of how we do presentations at Google - to make them more useful. Bijan was highly engaging and demonstrated the principles he was aiming to communicate throughout the 3-hour session.

I'm looking forward to being brave and shifting how I make and give presentations."

"Bijan's presentation was well-paced, engaging, and informative. I enjoyed his mix of history, human behavior, strategy, and humor that he used to bring the concepts and ideas to life. I hope he plans additional talks at the main campus so my colleagues can attend - his message about creating clear and impactful presentations is something that would benefit all Googlers.

Excellent course! I learned a ton."

Hi folks,

my name is Bijan and I am passionate about inspiring fast growing organisations and people to masterfully deliver amazing stories, and develop their public speaking and presentation skills in order to unleash their full potential.

After 5 years in the creative ad industry working with world renown brands, I joined the large customer sales team at Google in 2015. Before all that, I studied Marketing, International Business, and Human Behavioural Biology.

Feel free to contact me if you want to empower your team and maximise your impact.