The Workshops

For audiences to LISTEN, WATCH, and ACT, 

you must TELL, SHOW, and INSPIRE.


The art of HOOKING

Why hooking is instrumental for a great opening

How important is your audience

What imagination enables


60 minutes interactive workshop

crafting YOUR narrative

Why conflict is necessary to have a story

How to create feelings and emotions

What you need to connect


60 minutes interactive workshop

"Excellent course. Part of the modern work culture is to create presentations. Bijan succinctly and expertly educated us on how to tell better stories with when presenting, without a visual avalanche of data on slides. One of the biggest takeaways for me is: just because it's the tradition to create slides with dense visual data clutter does not make it correct!"



Why you (don't) need slides

How to master visual & graphic design

What you do with all that screen  real estate


60 minutes hands-on workshop


Why brains love beauty

How to tell a visual story

What beautiful data looks like


60 minutes hands-on workshop

"The whole class was phenomenal. Thank you! I particularly liked the examples of "bad slides" and how you'd change them to get the point across better. It provided a good reference point most of us can relate to. "


beyond words

Why your voice is more important than words

How your body empowers your speech

What is the purpose of distractions


60 minutes interactive workshop

the RECIPE for attention

Why preparation always leads to confidence

How charisma derives from passion

What you need to control crowds


90 minutes interactive workshop

"Bijan was the best teacher I've had at Google and will change my presentation skills and style. I SO appreciated his course and the way he delivered it with humor and authenticity. We need to change the culture of presentations at Google! Thank you!!"