The masterclass

Game changing experience which will empower your team and accelerate your growth

The science behind it

Human History

Why do we tell stories?

We'll go back in time and discover where it all comes from, when did stories begin. You will learn why it is universal, and why it works so well for all audiences.


How does it work?

Let us decipher the brain and understand why we react to stories. Take advantage of complex neurochemical mechanisms to connect to and convince your audience.

Behavioral biology

What can you do?

Gain control of your nerves, use your body as a tool, and master distractions like a magician to inspire and lead your audience, and maximize your impact.

"Great session! Not only highly entertaining, but I felt I came away with expert advice, which is what I want from a training. I hate courses where you come away thinking: 'this won't help me with my job at all, but it was nice being away from my desk.' But Bijan practiced what he was preaching, and he gave great examples. Although I had already heard some of the tips before, he brought them to light in a way I hadn't considered."

Masterclass Content

1. The Audience

Why should anyone listen to you in the first place?

  • Active listening: As a speaker, listen before you speak.

  • Hooking the audience: Where to begin, how to start, and make a great first impression.

  • Slides - DOs & DONTs: Basics of design and visual storytelling: how to get the audience's full attention, and not bore them.

2. The Speaker

How to play with distractions like a magician

  • Mastering your nerves: Maximizing your impact as a person, how to prepare effectively.

  • Your voice and body: 93% of what you mean doesn't come from what you say.

  • What makes a great speaker: How to make a difference and be an outstanding presenter.

3. The Story

What to say to inspire, lead, & drive change

  • The universal formula: Is there one? Storytelling is all about structure, non-linearity, and emotions.

  • Frameworks: Package what you have to say in a clear and impactful way.

  • Structure for business storytelling: That's the core of the training, all the magic is here.

"I enjoyed the enthusiasm and data-driven approach — also the directness and challenging counterproductive habits such as using slide templates that create a lot of noise. The class was well crafted with excellent stories and examples.

As the content was boiled down to emphasize a small number of essentials, it is more actionable than other presentation classes I have attended."

Masterclass options

Half day session

3 hours interactive training

This session covers all the theory and you will unlock new business critical skills to inspire Audiences, become an influential Speaker, and deliver impactful Stories.

Full day session

(most popular)

Includes the Masterclass

+ hands-on workshops

During this full day you will put theory into practice. You will prepare your next big presentation, present it, and receive feedback to make it your most successful speech ever.


For Execs (Director, VP+), or very large teams split into smaller groups.

We will deep dive in your team's specific requirements and tailor your stories to your audience (Customers, vendors, senior leadership, peers, management, partners, etc.)

"Having been through multiple courses, trainings, and seminars throughout my career, I am happy to say that this was the best presentation I have ever attended. Bijan has both an expert education-based understanding in this field, as well as in-depth experience and wisdom. Material and instructor were clear and easy to understand, had engaging statements and interactive experiences, and had a solid connection to audiences of all styles and cultures. This masterclass was highly inclusive and deeply relatable. I have learned more from this class than from any other presentation. I will use these teachings in both my personal life and my career at Google. I wish this was mandatory for all managers and leads and highly recommended for everyone else. I believe our culture could be better if everyone had a firm understanding of the information presented here."