Global Executive Communication Coaching Program

"If being right was enough, we wouldn't need stories."

Concrete evidence, strategic data, and actionable strategies undoubtedly play a crucial role, yet they alone often fall short in the persuasion process. The true catalyst for influencing individuals lies within evoking emotions. Among the myriad tools available, narratives reign supreme in forging profound connections with clients and partners, enabling the transmission of sentiments that resonate deeply.

During this meticulously crafted program, you will be equipped with the proficiency to not only amplify your Impact but also to captivate your Audience's attention, assume the mantle of an authoritative Speaker, and master the art of delivering resonant Stories.

In an era where the term "impact" reverberates ceaselessly within our organizations, its essence here conveys the ability to galvanize action within your audience. This is achieved through the orchestration of compelling presentations, the finesse of persuasive discourse, and the power of narratives infused with profound emotional resonance.

"One of The best trainings I'VE EVER SEEN"

A Director at Google


Talented people empowered to overcome their fear of public speaking and become more inspiring and effective.


Managers, Directors, and VP+ coached through dedicated 1:1 sessions or leadership seminars.

All teams

Dedicated material for all organisations: Sales, Finance, Marketing, Events, People Ops, Data Centers, UX, Engineers, Facilities, Legal, etc.

coaching individuals and training teams in companies such as

"A well-thought-out, researched and experienced walk through challenging and changing the status quo of how we do presentations at Google - to make them more useful. Bijan was highly engaging and demonstrated the principles he was aiming to communicate throughout the 3-hour session. 

I'm looking forward to being brave and shifting how I make and give presentations."

"Bijan's presentation was well-paced, engaging, and informative. I enjoyed his mix of history, human behavior, strategy, and humor that he used to bring the concepts and ideas to life. I hope he plans additional talks at the main campus so my colleagues can attend - his message about creating clear and impactful presentations is something that would benefit all Googlers.

Excellent course! I learned a ton."


Bijan Ghorbani is a master storyteller with an unwavering passion for enabling and empowering others. His Storytelling Masterclass has ignited the potential of thousands in the tech industry worldwide, enabling them to elevate their leadership, negotiation, and influencing abilities.

With over a decade of expertise in the digital marketing industry, spanning sales and enablement roles, Bijan has emerged as a beacon of communication and collaboration. His profound insights into storytelling are a product of rigorous academic pursuits in business, marketing, and behavioral biology, combined with hands-on experience working with eminent global brands across diverse sectors—ranging from luxury to finance, entertainment to automotive, and more.

As a testament to his commitment, Bijan has launched, a platform designed to channel his passion, talent, and insights on the art and science of effective communication to a broader audience. His journey is marked by a dedication to empowering individuals and organizations alike.